The beautiful partnership of La Belle Ville and Angarde

The beautiful partnership of La Belle Ville and Angarde

Well established in its immediate environment, the Hotel La Belle Ville is passionately concerned with reducing its ecological footprint as much as possible. And in doing so, every action and initiative counts! This is why we have chosen to partner with the Angarde footwear brand to supply our staff. Read on and we’ll tell you more…


Angarde and La Belle Ville are natural partners!

From hospitality products to delicacies, from the breakfast buffet to energy providers, we do everything we can to limit our environmental impact. That’s why we were looking to supply our staff with a brand that mirrors our outlook: stylish and trendy but durable. Angarde meets all our expectations with its collections of slippers, espadrilles and sneakers. So, we asked them to create a unique design, just for us. And if you like the look of the resulting footwear as worn by our team, you can also enjoy their comfort and resilience yourself as we have them on sale at the hotel.


Angarde: Basque Country tradition and eco-responsible commitment

Born in the Basque Country, the Angarde brand is the result of the desire of a brother and a sister to make the traditional espadrille more environmentally friendly. The use of recycled materials and the recycling of footwear at the end of its life became their priorities. But their commitment goes even further, with all the materials being sourced in Europe and the footwear being made in Spanish, Portuguese and French workshops. In terms of style, Angarde has adopted the traditional shape of the espadrille and given it a timeless, refined, and distinctly trendy look. And in terms of durability, they are impressively tough!


Take home some La Belle Ville style by opting for the espadrilles and sneakers from the Basque brand Angarde. Our team tests them for you on a daily basis! Fashion and ecology in one must-have package! 


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