La Belle Pizze: The Essence of Italy in the Heart of Paris

La Belle Pizze: The Essence of Italy in the Heart of Paris

Located in the vibrant Belleville district, Hôtel La Belle Ville continues to amaze its visitors not only with its warm hospitality but also with its exceptional culinary offerings. Within this establishment is La Belle Pizze, an Italian restaurant led by the talented chef Andrea Levorato. Originally from Italy, he brings to Paris the authenticity and freshness of his country's flavors, promising a memorable homemade culinary experience.

An Authentic Italian Chef in Paris

Andrea Levorato, the Italian chef of La Belle Pizze, is the beating heart of this restaurant. His passion for Italian cuisine is reflected in every dish, every pizza, prepared with love and unparalleled attention to detail. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients, either directly imported from Italy or carefully selected from local producers, Chef Levorato creates a 100% Italian menu, offering a new discovery with each visit.

Fresh and Homemade Cuisine

La Belle Pizze is more than just a restaurant; it is a true invitation to travel through the regions of Italy. Each recipe is a tribute to the rich Italian gastronomy, ranging from classic pizzas to more elaborate dishes, each telling a story of a gourmet and generous Italy. The freshness of the ingredients and the expert hand of the chef guarantee an authentic experience, as if each bite were a return to the roots.

For lovers of Italian cuisine and those curious about new culinary experiences, La Belle Pizze at Hôtel La Belle Ville is a must-visit destination. Chef Andrea Levorato invites you to discover or rediscover Italy, its flavors, its colors, and its ambiance, all within the convivial and elegant setting of the hotel. A gourmet getaway in the heart of Paris that promises to delight your taste buds and leave you with unforgettable culinary memories.


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