Artistic Escape and Paris Panorama: Discover the Gare Expérimentale and SkyParis from La Belle Ville

Artistic Escape and Paris Panorama: Discover the Gare Expérimentale and SkyParis from La Belle Ville

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant French capital, Hotel La Belle Ville is distinguished by its proximity to unique cultural venues, offering immersion in the artistic diversity and panoramic beauty of Paris. Among these treasures, the Gare Expérimentale and SkyParis prove to be must-visit destinations for lovers of art and breathtaking views. Located just a few minutes' walk from the hotel, these sites promise enriching experiences and lasting memories.

La Gare Expérimentale: An Urban Art Laboratory

At the heart of the Parisian hustle and bustle, La Gare Expérimentale presents itself as a space of freedom and creation. This artistic association is dedicated to promoting art in all its forms, offering a setting for performances, exhibitions and workshops that stimulate creativity and reflection. La Belle Ville's privileged access to this cultural incubator enables our guests to immerse themselves in the Parisian artistic avant-garde, discovering works and projects that are redefining the urban landscape.

SkyParis: A breathtaking view of the City of Light

Just a short walk from the Hôtel La Belle Ville, SkyParis offers a breathtaking escape above the city's rooftops. This unique rooftop is the perfect place to escape the hectic pace of Paris and let yourself be swept away by the magic of a sunset over the city's emblematic monuments. Whether for an aperitif with friends or a moment of solitary relaxation, SkyParis is an invitation to admire the capital from a different angle, while enjoying the elegant, relaxing atmosphere that only Paris can offer.


A family experience

Hôtel La Belle Ville is the ideal place for a family stay in Paris. Take advantage of our spacious and comfortable family rooms, perfectly adapted to accommodate parents and children. Our rooms are equipped to offer everyone the space and privacy they need, while allowing them to share precious moments together. Book now and experience unforgettable family moments at La Belle Ville.

For travelers staying at Hôtel La Belle Ville, the Gare Expérimentale and SkyParis represent two complementary facets of the Parisian experience: the effervescence of artistic creation and the serenity of urban heights. By exploring these sites, our guests fully embrace the spirit of Paris, a city that celebrates art, beauty and innovation. Book your family stay at La Belle Ville and let us guide you to these cultural and scenic escapades, for an unforgettable journey to the heart of Paris.


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