A space just for you: the Rubik Salon

A space just for you: the Rubik Salon

The Hotel La Belle Ville makes a big impression in the neighbourhood, not only because of its green façade, which brings an eye-pleasing touch of verdant foliage to the street, but also due to its Le Beau Bar & its La Belle Pizze pizzeria, where it’s a joy to get together with family or friends. Whether you’re staying in the neighbourhood or just passing through, the hotel offers a hybrid space to make your own: the Rubik Salon.


The versatility of the Rubik Salon

Depending on when you visit the Hotel La Belle Ville, the Rubik Salon might be hosting a product presentation, a karaoke night for a bachelorette party, a movie screening, or a cartoon screening for the kids while the grown-ups enjoy a hearty Sunday brunch. It’s part of the DNA of the Rubik Salon to reinvent itself to fulfil all desires and expectations. If you’re thinking of organising a private celebration like a birthday party, or a professional event such as a conference, brainstorming session, product unveiling, etc., it’s a great idea to consider hiring the Rubik Salon!

The many possibilities of the Rubik Salon

The Rubik Salon has everything necessary to make your event run smoothly. It has the facilities needed for hosting a professional meeting, including Wi-Fi accessibility, a large screen, and an overhead projector... It can be arranged as you wish, in theatre configuration, or with a central or U-shaped table. Warm and intimate, it encourages concentration but also relaxation so you can express your creativity in corporate brainstorming or enjoy karaoke with friends! What’s more, thanks to our catering and bar service, the needs of your guests will be provided for.

The Hotel La Belle Ville is a place of sharing in the heart of the district. In this spirit, the Rubik Salon can be adapted to all your requirements, whether professional or personal. Contact our team to bring your project to life!


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