A great collaboration: our gourmet partnerships

A great collaboration: our gourmet partnerships

La Belle Ville Paris offers you a different experience of Paris, one that is friendlier and warmer. At the heart of an authentic district, vibrant with creativity and life, you will discover a sense of hospitality that caters to guests from the other side of the world as well as to our neighbours. In this spirit, we have established long-term partnerships with brands that share our values. Allow us to present them to you today…


Teatime! Or coffee time…

For breakfast, after a good pizza, or when you want to take a break in your room, we invite you to discover our hot drink partners. On the coffee side, we trust Terres de Café. A well-respected coffee roaster in Paris since 2009, Terres de Café offers exceptional coffees which express the terroirs and the savoir-faire of both the growers and the roaster. In addition, Terres de Café is committed to an ecological, social and sustainable approach that we unreservedly endorse. In the same spirit, we have chosen Kodama for our teas and infusions. Bagged by hand in Paris, their original recipes are prepared from carefully selected organic produce.


Short supply chains and collaboration

You will find products on the breakfast table and in your room offered by Omnie&Cie. At La Belle Ville Paris, we were immediately impressed by the responsible approach taken by this brand, which embodies a no fuss but no compromise attitude. The idea behind ​​Omie&Cie is to create lasting partnerships with producers and processors by supporting them in changing their practices. Fair remuneration for all, drastic reductions in packaging, rationalisation of transport and total transparency in all dealings; everything is designed so that everyone benefits from the fruits of their labour, right up to the consumer who can enjoy a high-quality product.

Taste, pleasure, but also the responsibility of informed choices, this is what guides our beautiful partnerships. During your stay at La Belle Ville Paris, we will be happy to talk with you about our suppliers, and then you can sample what they have to offer!


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