A big screen under the stars

A big screen under the stars

Now that summer is here, it’s again time for some outdoor movie screenings. And to indulge that simple pleasure, there’s nothing like Ciné Villette! The Villette open air cinema festival is back for its 32nd edition from July 20th to August 21st. Make yourself comfortable on one of the largest lawns in Paris, less than ten minutes by tram from the Hotel La Belle Ville.


Shall we dance?

As usual, the Festival de la Villette mixes all genres of cinema around a theme designed to appeal to a wide audience. This year, dance is at the heart of the program. It’s a line-up that boogies and pirouettes between the disco of Saturday Night Fever and the classic Black Swan, from the electro of Eden to the Charleston of The Artist, via the unforgettable musicals West Side Story and Les Demoiselles de Rochefort. Without forgetting a nod to the world of childhood with The Aristocats.


Some basic info about Ciné Villette 

This open-air movie festival takes place on the extensive lawn of La Villette. In the great tradition of Ciné Villette, you can bring a picnic or an aperitif to add to the pleasure of these Parisian summer evenings. If you forget your picnic blanket or are looking for a little more comfort, be reassured that deckchairs are available for hire. Screening sessions take place from Wednesday evening to Sunday, every week from July 20th to August 21st. Finally, discover the movie tours that take you to filming locations in the Parc de la Villette and along the canal.


In the heart of the Parisian summer, you can escape to the cinema under the stars. The Hotel La Belle Ville team will give you all the necessary information on the films scheduled and how to reach the venue. And you can take advantage of our takeaway offers to brighten up your picnic...


Photo: New Africa

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